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How to find your customers on social media... 

Marketing Webinar For Solopreneurs 🚀 

21st & 28th July 2022

13:00 ET | 10:00 PST | 18:00 GMT


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Want to find customers?

We're blowing the lid off social media marketing! 

Discover how we used twitter to get to $16k in revenue. 🚀

We'll be breaking down Prelo's marketing journey whilst sharing the strategies that worked for us following our launch in August 2021. 

Find out how to unlock social media platforms to :

1️⃣ Create a personal brand that builds trust

2️⃣ Build a curated audience of engaged prospects

3️⃣ Convert your audience into paying customers

We'll share strategies and tools designed to help small businesses, creatives and soloprenuers build their brands. 

Learn how we found 1st customers & founder interviews 😲

Getting Customers and interviews

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Meet Our Presenters

Say Hi 👋 to Olu & Emily, founders of Prelo

"I'm going to show you how we used social media to deliver astounding results that led to sales of Prelo." 
Olu Square
Olu Adedeji | 2x Founder |
"Sharing my 15 year founder journey, with some life lessons and how I got 160,000 likes on a tweet that went viral  "
Emily Square
Emily Leahy | Co-Founder |

Olu's story

I left investment banking thinking I could saunter into the Startup world and win. Well, I was wrong. I started by failing, a truly humbling experience. On reflection, I'm glad it happened. We were not in the 90% that failed in the first year, but the 50% that failed after 3yrs.

We kept trying to sell to Startups with no money, we didn’t grow quickly enough and we focused way too much on the product. In May 2021 we pivoted to building Prelo. 

If you're fed up of pitching to Startups that have no money, then Prelo is for you!

Prelo helps small businesses and solopreneurs find key decision makers from well funded tech companies in just a few clicks

Emily's story

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2011 following two years of teaching in Boston Public Schools. A couple of years later I founded my own wellness business which ironically closed down in 2014 due to burnout.

As tough as this failure was to accept, it opened up an opportunity for me to move to San Francisco, California. I immersed myself in a thriving Startup community, where I mentored and trained founders to become better at managing stress and building the capacity they needed to scale their businesses successfully.

Finding Olu and combining forces is definitely a happy surprise. It brings me a lot of joy to be creating technology with a purpose to help founders accelerate growth in their Startup without burnout and we're just getting started.


Tired of pitching to Startups with $0 budget?

Try Prelo 👇

Prelo is a B2B Prospecting Platform for solopreneurs to find key decision makers from VC-Funded Startups in 3-clicks

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